16.Sep.14 12 hours ago
16.Sep.14 12 hours ago
15.Sep.14 1 day ago
  • outfit game: on point
  • mental health game: ?????
15.Sep.14 1 day ago


i hope flip phones make a comeback in 2015 

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15.Sep.14 2 days ago



I want to reclaim Dad Culture on tumblr. I want there to be a counterpoint to the creepy Tumblr Daddies. I want people in ill-fitting polos making gifs with captions like “how was your day, sport?” and “that lawn’s not gonna mow itself!” I wanna see people cooking BBQs over skype, RPing detailed discussions about which power drill to buy. We can’t let those sweaty teens in baggy suits win

Yes good

14.Sep.14 2 days ago